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British coins
Available for sale

This is a list of coins currently for sale. All prices are quoted in British pence (100 pence = 1 pound), and are exclusive of postage. Owing to the characteristics of my sorting system, you may in some cases receive a coin in better grade than that listed.

This page can be used as an online order form. To do so, please enter your email address and country of residence in the boxes below, and then enter the numbers of the coins you require in the appropriate boxes as you scroll down the page (superfluous boxes may be left blank). After you've chosen all the coins you need from this page, click on the "send order" button located at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email detailing coin availability, payment information, postage options and total price within a few days. At this point, you will be able to either confirm or cancel your order.

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#6496 1903 G 10p
#6499 1905 VG 19p
#6501 1907 gG 10p
#6502 1907 VG 15p
#6503 1908 G+ 10p
#6504 1908 VG 15p
#6505 1908 gVG 22p
#6516 1920 VG 10p
#6520 1922 VG 10p

I would like the following halfpennies (enter coin numbers):

please note: "Fair" is a grade below "Good", not a grade below F as per some other dealers.

#6476 1889 gG 30p
#6539 1895 VG small edge clips 30p
#6412 1896 aVG 20p
#6413 1896 VG edge knocks 22p
#6414 1896 VG 29p
#6416 1897 aVG 15p
#6417 1897 VG 20p
#6419 1898 aVG 25p
#6420 1898 VG 30p
#6422 1899 aVG 15p
#6423 1899 VG 20p
#6426 1900 aVG 15p
#6427 1900 VG 20p
#6430 1901 VG 15p
#6431 1901 VG/gVG uneven tone obv. 17p
#6434 1902 high tide VG 20p
#6438 1903 VG edge clips 17p
#6439 1903 VG 20p
#6441 1904 VG 25p
#6444 1905 VG 20p
#6446 1906 VG 20p
#6448 1907 gVG 20p
#6450 1908 gVG 20p
#6458 1910 gVG 20p

I would like the following pennies (enter coin numbers):


#6403 1920 VG 60p
#6405 1921 VG 60p

I would like the following threepences (enter coin numbers):


None availble at present

I would like the following sixpences (enter coin numbers):

e=english type
s=scottish type

#6202 1954e F 10p
#6357 1961s aEF 60p

I would like the following British shillings (enter coin numbers):


#6138 1947 aF 15p
#6149 1951 F uneven tone 15p
#6163 1966 gEF small scratch on cheek 30p

I would like the following florins (enter coin numbers):


#6062 1948 gVF 40p
#6080 1961 VF 35p
#6045 1961 EF 50p
#6081 1961 EF dirt spots on face 45p
#6047 1962 VF 35p
#6057 1967 EF dirt spots obv. 30p
#6096 1967 EF contact marks obv. 30p
#6097 1967 EF coppery line obv. 30p

I would like the following halfcrowns (enter coin numbers):


None at present

I would like the following crowns (enter coin numbers):


#6495 5 pence 1968 EF sm. spots 20p
#6557 5 pence 1990 small size gVF 7p
#6407 5 pence 1992 gVF 8p
#6329 10 pence 1968 gVF uneven wear 17p

I would like the following Guernsey coins (enter coin numbers):


#6372 10 pence 1992 gEF bag marks 15p

I would like the following Manx coins (enter coin numbers):


#6559 1 penny 1998 gEF spots rev. 7p
#6462 5 pence 1990 gVF 7p
#6464 5 pence 1990 EF bag marks 9p
#6463 5 pence 1992 gVF 9p
#6465 5 pence 1993 gVF 9p
#6491 5 pence 1998 VF 7p
#6449 5 pence 1998 gEF 13p
#6366 10 pence 1968 aVF 12p
#6369 10 pence 1975 VF 15p
#6372 10 pence 1992 aBU bag marks 20p
#6387 20 pence 1998 gVF 25p
#6432 2 pounds 1995 liberation silver proof FDC encapsulated 1995p

I would like the following Jersey coins (enter coin numbers):

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Please note that this form is not secure and is transmitted via an external CGI host. This is why I do not ask for any sensitive information to be filled in. Should you nevertheless wish to submit an order without using the form, please note the numbers corresponding to the coins you wish to purchase and email them to me at

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